What Motivates Us
When we were setting up our herd we noticed that there was a really big difference between the bunnies that came from breeders where they were dogs and children and the baby buns were held versus the bunnies that came from rabbitries where they had no interaction with pets and children.  We couldn’t find any rabbitries that didn’t use cages.  I am not judging breeders who use cages - I have three friends who are farmers who have hundreds of rabbits and I completely understand that their only option is to use cages.  However we wanted to be a different kind of rabbitry - we wanted to experiment being the only local rabbitry that doesn’t use cages.  We did a lot of research and we were able to find three other small rabbitries in the United States where the breeders allowed the animals to free roam.  Our goal was to provide a bunny that was very comfortable in the home setting was familiar with pets and children and loud noises and being snuggled.  We choose the healthiest, gentlest babies to stay here and become future breeders.  This free roam method takes a lot more time and work.  So, we have to charge more because we put so much effort and time into our bunnies. 
Also, many people have allergies to pets. One of our children breaks out into rashes when he comes into contact with regular bunnies. That is part of the reason that we were motivated to raise mini plush lops. They are hypoallergenic and they don’t shed!

One of the owners started a Rabbitry in Fort Lauderdale, Fl with just 4 mini plush lops from the original Devie D’Annaballe Herd in 2013 (and a mini lop, and 2 Holland lops).  In 2015 she moved to Condom, France and grew the Rabbitry while competing in Rabbit shows. In 2019 she won Best in Show and Honorable Mention in the youth division (Region of Southwest France) with Brie’s Bleu.💕
In 2020 she moved to the Boston area to be closer to extended family.  She partnered with a local Rabbitry and changed the name from Le Lapin Bleu to Lusters Lops. 💕
We now have 3 employees and 2 locations - Westwood, Massachusetts and New Britain, Ct.
If you would like to adopt a mini plush lop bunny please email us to join the waitlist.  If you are not located in beautiful New England, weather permitting- we can air ship or use transportation companies bunnies to the lower 48 states.🐇 



How We Do Things

Our Rabbitry is located in beautiful New England right near Boston.  A smaller portion of our business is in New Britain, Ct.  We raise our rabbits indoors, uncaged. At night they sleep in wooden hutches such as the one shown in the picture. All of our bunnies are litter trained. If you adopt a kit (baby bunny) from us at 8 weeks old, the baby will be potty trained from watching the mom and dad using the litter box.  Since they are young they may make mistakes but we will help you with your set up to ensure success!We have a rescue dog who loves the bunnies. 
Each bunny is important to us since we put a lot of time and live into holding each of them from day one.  So, we reserve the right to cancel the adoption if we find that you can’t or won’t provide a suitable environment for your bunny (deposit will be refunded).  If you decide to adopt a bunny from Lusters Lops, you must complete the Adoption Agreement. It is very important to us that none of our bunnies end up in Rescue Centers or Humane Societies.  For this reason, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.  If at any time you want to surrender the animal, please return the bunny to us - no questions asked (no refund will be issued and Buyer will pay for any shipping costs).
We don’t discriminate against breeders but if you are a breeder we ask that you disclose the name of your Rabbitry on the Adoption Agreement. 
If you are interested in a mini plush lop please email Brie Voleil at LustersLops@mail.com. You will be added to a waitlist.  When a litter is born we contact people in the order of the waitlist. If you decide that you want to proceed you can send us 50% of the adoption fee. PayPal or Venmo can be used. We will email you the Adoption Agreement and we will send weekly photos of the litter. When the kits are 4 weeks old we check whether they are does or bucks and we let the people on the waitlist who have paid their deposits choose their bunnies. At 8 weeks old you can pick them up and pay the remainder of the balance. We offer shipping, transport or “white glove delivery”.   “White Glove Delivery” was invented by one of our employees during COVID-19. We personally deliver the bunny to your house. (We can only do this if you live within 200 miles of Boston and the fee is $1.50 per mile (payable 3 days before delivery)).



New Litters

Our baby mini plush lops are hypo allergenic and handled daily from day one. We raise our bunnies with children, dogs and a lot of noise so that they will be easy to handle and well adjusted.  We focus on quality rather than quantity. Here in New England the weather changes often so the bunnies are kept inside and uncaged- except for occasional outdoor playtime. Bunnies range from $300-$1200 based on type and color.  Our next litters will be ready for adoption by Halloween. They will be born in the beginning of September and photos will be available by mid-September. Email us at LustersLops@mail.com to add your name to the October waitlist. 
Once the babies are born we will send everyone photos- if you want to be on the waiting list you will put down $100 deposit- we will send you the contract to sign and buyers will choose their bunnies according to the order of the waitlist.  Putting down a deposit means that you read the Sales Contract and agree. Buyer will receive a birth certificate, transition food and care instructions (Pedigree available upon request).
Sales Contract
1) Once a bunny has been chose you can’t switch to another bunny2) If Buyer puts down a deposit Buyer will receive a bunny- (if the current litters are too small your deposit will roll over to the next litter)3) Lusters Lops reserves the right to cancel a sale and refund the deposit to the Buyer4) Buyer will provide hay, pellets and adequate housing5) Buyer will not breed bunny (except if you signed Breeder Agreement)6) If at ANY time during bunny’s lifetime the Buyer can no longer provide for the bunny, the Buyer promises to either re-home the bunny to a qualified family OR return bunny to Lusters Lops. We can’t provide a refund but we will accept any of our bunnies- no questions asked. Buyer will NEVER forfeit bunny to a rescue group or Humane Society.7) Buyer will not SELL bunny8) Buyer will pay remaining balance on or before Pickup Day9) If Buyer does not pickup bunny on Pickup Day or make arrangements with us, we will hold bunny for 7 days at a charge of $5 per day. After that time period if Buyer hasn’t picked up bunny then the deposit is forfeited and bunny will be sold to next buyer on the list. 8) Buyer will hug, pet, play, love and kiss bunny💕 



Purebred and pedigreed mini plush lop- born 10/11/2021 - this is one of Gonkers babies and is part of the 1st litter of mini plush lops EVER born in Massachusetts!



Lucky Charms is part of the 1st mini plush lop litter ever born in Massachusetts.  Born on 10-11/2021 and will be ready for adoption by December 10, 2021.

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Born on 10-11-2021 this beautiful mini plush lop is part of the 1st litter EVER born in Massachusetts!!!  There were 2 black babies in the litter.

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Born on 10/11/2021 this black mini plush lop will be approximately 2-3 pounds when full grown.

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New Addition

We are sooo in love with this baby.  Out of 8 babies in this litter this is the only blue torte vm!  Fully grown this bunny will weigh only 2 pounds.  This baby looks exactly like the father



Customer Favorite

Trix is a blue mini plush lop!!!!!  Blue is a very rare color and personally my favorite.

Licking Cat


Top Seller

Cheerios is one of the 2 blue mini plush lops.  In another week we will attempt to check the gender but I believe Cheerios is a boy.


Due to the volume of emails we receive please forgive me if it takes a day or two to respond.  All of our August litters have been reserved. Please email LustersLops@mail.com to add your name to our October waitlist.



Breeding Perfection



Two Face is our tri-colored harlequin mini plush lop. We drove to Western Pennsylvania for her since she has such wonderful personality.  She comes from our friends at Happily Ever After Rabbitry.  She loves being held and pet- she’s one of our favorite mums. We are looking forward to kits from her in 2021.  Her kits will be multi colored.



Billy is our blue torte vm mini plush lop doe all the way from France.  He has the most beautiful fur. I could pet him all day long.  And his eyes are amazing.



We love all our animals at Lusters Lops, but Bonkers is our first black silver marten vm. She loves to lick our skin, she’s very adventurous and we just can’t wait for her 1st litter in October, 2021.  Her kits hopefully will include some otters.  We drove all the way to Niagara Falls to pick her up at Wonderland Rabbitry. 



Boom Boom is our very typey mini lop doe. Her parents are registered and have 2 legs of championship awards. She’s the sweetest bunny and refuses to sleep anywhere except under my bed!



Berryis our first all blue non vm proven doe!!! We are so excited to have adopted her from C & D Farms in Pennsylvania.  She is tiny- approximately 2 pounds.  She will make a great addition to our Holland Lop program.



Donkers is our VC Black Doe.  She is our only bunny that kisses every time we pick her up.  We actually drove to Canada to pick her up because she is tiny and has great type. I love her so much because she is the Mother of the very first litter of mini plush lops ever born in Massachusetts!  Her babies are usually solids, black, brown, Siamese sable, otter and occasionally white with blue eyes which is truly striking.  She’s also the best mum I’ve ever seen. She could nurse the whole herd. 😘



Tiko is a beautiful male mini plush lop with a wonderful personality and a very dense shiny coat.  Tiko is part of the herd from The Cope Clan which is a wonderful Rabbitry in Ct.  We look forward to babies from Tiko in late 2021.



Brantley is a show quality black torte Holland Lop.  He is part of our friends Rabbitry at The Cope Clan in Ct.  We were lucky enough to involve him in our breeding program.  In Spring 2022 we look forward to a show quality litter when we breed him with Berry (from Sho-Glo lines).

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting one of our Mini Plush Lops from our most recent litters. At this time there is a 2 month waitlist so, don’t hesitate.  You can either pick up your baby bunny near Boston, Massachusetts or we can deliver at a charge.



Breeders Only Read Please

If you are a breeder or plan on being a breeder please notate that on the contract. Thank You



Due to overwhelming demand, we are now taking reservations for our litter that will be ready for Furever Homes in December.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to add your name to the waitlist. Email LustersLops@mail.com or MiniPlushLopsUSA@mail.com to add your name to our waiting list for our next litter.

Westwood, MA, USA

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