Our Mini Plush Lop Story

What Motivates Us
When we were setting up our herd we noticed that there was a really big difference between the bunnies that came from breeders who hand raise and expose the buns to dogs and children versus the bunnies that came from rabbitries where they had no interaction with pets and children.  We couldn’t find any rabbitries that didn’t use cages. (We are not judging breeders who use cages.).  We have responsible friends who are farmers who have hundreds of rabbits and we completely agree that cages are acceptable and safe for breeding).  However, we wanted to be a different kind of rabbitry - we wanted to experiment with being the only local rabbitry that didn’t use cages.  We did a lot of research and we were able to find other small rabbitries in the United States in which the breeders allowed the animals to free roam, indoors uncaged (except for quarantine).  Our goal was to provide a bunny that was very comfortable in the home setting and was familiar with pets, children and loud noises and being snuggled.  We choose the healthiest, gentlest babies to stay here and become future breeders.  This free-roam method takes a lot more effort and in part we failed.  Rabbits who aren’t fixed are territorial and so now we have a modified free-roam rabbitry.  We have to charge more because we put so much effort and time into our bunnies and we only do 4 breeding cycles per year.  It’s a full-time job 6-8 hrs per day, 7 days a week).  Also, many people have allergies to pets. One of our children breaks out into rashes when he comes into contact with certain types of fur - that is part of the reason that we were motivated to raise mini plush lops. They are mostly hypoallergenic and they don’t shed, they molt twice a year!  As the first and only Mini Plush Lop Breeder in MA, RI, VT, ME and NH, it is really vital to us that we protect and maintain the standards of the breed.  With help from international breeders we have written a breed standard.  In an effort to be fully transparent, we do own 12 cages - they are necessary for quarantine (and a host of other reasons) but, most of them are attached to pens.  Some of our bunnies are kept in MA and some are kept in CT.  If you want to buy a rabbit in New England please email us at (LustersLops@gmail.com).
We also rescue and foster bunnies a couple times a year.  If you prefer to adopt a bunny rabbit from a rescue group, we are happy to give you a list of local rescues.  The rescue groups don’t have hypoallergenic rabbits and some families need a hypo-allergenic rabbit which is the reason we breed them.

I was raising Mini Lops and Holland Lops in Florida around 2010, 2011….and I saw an ad on line for “Mini Plush Lops”….the ad mentioned that there were only 4 breeders in the US with true original Devie D’Annaballe plushies.  At the price of $600 each it seemed rather expensive but, I was very intrigued.  On the day that I was transferring the money to the breeder I learned that she had simply crossed a Rex and a Holland lop and called them “Mini Plush Lops”…….If you know anything about the breed, you know that it’s actually an unequal mix of 4 breeds which takes many generations to perfect.  Needless to say I was extremely disappointed.  At that point I tried to buy them from the real breeders but they all insisted on spay/neuter contracts- so, I temporarily stalled my efforts (I hoped I’d get them someday).  One day the phone rang and one of the original breeders explained that she was ill and she’d agree to sell part of her herd.  After flying them down to Florida (at an outrageous cost), I finally owned part of the original line.  Those 3 bunnies were everything I had hoped for- sweet, gentle, gorgeous and hypoallergenic…..but, I had a new problem.  My husband’s father (who lived in France) was ill and he needed our help.  Back then passengers were allowed to travel with their pets in the cabin so, of course I brought my show mini lops and my plushies.
Over the course of the next five years I worked on their type, I wanted them to have consistent head size, crown width, ear length, weight and so on.  I just kept the best kits and matched their features as I line bred.  By 2019 unfortunately my Father-In-Law had passed on but we were ready to move back to the states and re-open our Rabbitry (along with my cousin).  I had just transferred two of my favorite plushies when Covid hit.   All of the rules changed and it became impossible to travel with my animals.  Luckily, Billy was born in the US but he’s part of my line breeding program and he’s one of the bunnies who makes me feel so proud..  I’d advise anyone looking for a bunny to get a Mini Plush Lop.  I’ve worked with five different breeds over the years and this is one of my favorite🐰💜👍🏻.   If you choose to get a plushie from another MPL breeder, ask to see the Dan or sire or a past litter, ask the weight, and do your research.  Unfortunately there are breeders out there who will claim they have original MPLs but they’ve just mixed a Rex and a Holland lop…..that’s not a true Mini Plush Lop.  As far as I know there are only approximately 14 breeders in the US who have true original Devie D’Annaballe Mini Plush Lops.  As of 2021 and 2022 we are the first and only breeder in Massachusetts, RI, NH, VT and ME.  Signed,  Brie Voleil

If you would like to adopt a bunny please email us.  If you are not located in beautiful New England, weather permitting- we can air ship or use transportation companies to the lower 48 states.🐇.  We can also refer you to a good breeder near you.  We are ARBA and USDA licensed and we can be found on www.ARBA.com and on www.usrabbitbreeders.org.


Lusters Lops Rabbitry

How We Do Things

How It Works
Our Rabbitry is located in beautiful New England (Massachusetts).  Some of our bunnies are kept at our partners rabbitry in Ct and some of our bucks are actually kept at their Furever Homes and borrowed when needed.  We also can deliver to New Britain, Ct free of charge.  We raise our rabbits indoors.  If you adopt a kit (baby bunny) from us at 8 weeks old, the baby will be partially potty trained from watching the mom and dad using the litter box.  Since they are young they may make mistakes but we will help you with your set-up to ensure success!  We have a rescue dog who loves the bunnies so our babies are familiar with loud noises and big wet dog licks 🐶.
Each bunny is important to us since we put a lot of time and love into holding each of them from day one.  So, we reserve the right to cancel the adoption if we find that you can’t or won’t provide a suitable environment for your bunny (deposit will be refunded).  If you decide to adopt a bunny from Lusters Lops, you must read the Adoption Agreement.  If you decide to put down the non-refundable $100 deposit and reserve a bunny then you have agreed to the Adoption Agreement.  The only case in which a deposit will be refunded is if your bunny becomes ill (thus far this has never happened) or if you have suggested an unsuitable environment.  If you later decide to cancel the agreement due to life circumstances, we cannot refund the deposit because we have spent a lot of time with each Adopter and the bunny was removed from the market.  Adopter may not switch bunnies once a bunny has been chosen.  We accept PayPal (only if you click on “Friends and Family” option)…..or Venmo.  It is very important to us that none of our bunnies end up in Rescue Centers or Humane Societies.  For this reason, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.  If at any time you want to surrender the animal and you can’t find a suitable family, please return the bunny to us - no questions asked (no refund will be issued and Adopter will pay for any shipping costs).  All Lusters Lops bunnies are welcome to return to Lusters Lops at any point during his or her lifetime.  If gender is important to you please let us know because it is very difficult to identify the gender of young kits and at best we are about 90% correct.
Once you choose a rabbit please let us know.  We will give you the Venmo or PayPal instructions for the deposit.  At that point your bunny will be marked “Reserved with your initials”.  We will email you a document called “Preparing for your Bunny” to make the transition easy.  When your bunny is 8 weeks old you can either pick up the bunny in Westwood or Newton, Massachusetts or we can deliver (free delivery to Walpole, Canton, Norwood, Westwood, Newton, Wellesley, Dedham and New Britain, Ct).  All other deliveries are at $1.50 per mile. Remaining balance due on day of pickup.
PICKUP DAY.  Finally…..Some families will have been on the waiting list for months so this will be a very exciting day💜.  There is absolutely no need to buy a travel cab.  With your adoption you will receive-  1) a cardboard travel box which can be used at your house as a “hidey hole” 2) a bag of transition pellets. 3) a bag of Timothy Hay 4) a random toy  5) Directions For Use and 6) a Happy, Confident, Loving, Healthy Bunny🐰


Available Bunnies

New Litters

This is a very exciting time period - we had 5 litters in the beginning of September.  If you would like to be added to the waitlist please email us at “LustersLops@gmail.com”.
Our bunnies are handled daily from day one. We raise our bunnies with children, dogs and a lot of noise so that they will be easy to handle and well adjusted.  We focus on quality and ESAs rather than quantity.
As soon as the bunnies are about 2 weeks old we will contact everyone in order of the list.  If you decide to proceed you will be asked to place a $100 deposit on Venmo or PayPal (Friends and Family option) and your bunny will be removed from the “avbl” list.  Putting down a deposit means that you read the Adoption Agreement and agree. When the bunny is approximately 8 weeks old the Adopter will receive a toy, a tunnel, a cardboard travel box (which you can use as a temporary Hidey hole), transition food and care instructions and a bag of hay, Alfalfa cubes, and a happy, healthy (mostly potty trained) baby bunny.  The bunny will not be removed from the “Available” list until the deposit is paid.  These breeds are in high demand and we currently have more demand than supply so, we apologize.  Since we raise them in an open environment we are limited to 4 breeding cycles per year.  If you see a bunny that you want to Adopt on the “Available Bunnies” page please email (LustersLops@gmail.com) as soon as possible because they tend to be reserved very quickly.  Some bunnies are raised and kept in Newton, MA, some are in Westwood, MA and some are at our partners rabbitry in New Britain, CT.  These are pet prices only.  For breeder contracts please email us at LustersLops@gmail.com.😊👍🏻


“Uncle Fester”  $350 Rsrvd for DS

These babies are Ollie’s first litter👍🏻🐰💜 here at Lusters Lops.  Uncle Fester is either opal or blue otter.  Basically this bunny will be blue with cream markings in ears and belly.  We don’t know the gender yet.  Holland lops are small so, best guess is 3-4 pounds at adulthood.


“Gomez”  $350  AVBL

Gomez is a chestnut agouti Holland lop.  We don’t know the gender yet but Gomez will be 3-4 pounds at adulthood and Ollie is the mum and she’s an 😇 angel.


“Pugsley”   $350  Rsrvd for S.D.

Pugsley is absolutely unbelievably beautiful because Pugsley is a broken-blue booted otter Holland lop.  Basically that means that Pugsley will be mostly blue with white boots and mittens.  Gender unknown.  Adulthood weight is approximately 3-4 pounds.


“Cousin ITT”  $350 AVBL

Cousin ITT is a chestnut-colored Holland lop.  Gender is unknown- adulthood weight is 3-4 pounds.


“Lurch”  $350 Rsrvd for EG from NY

Lurch is our very first chocolate otter Holland lop!  


“Morticia”  $350 House Res?

Morticia is the larger lilac otter.  We need to keep either Morticia or Lurch depending on which one is a female.


“Thing”  $350  Rsrvd for C.S.O. from Massachusetts 

Thing is most likely black solid and gender is unknown.  Thing is a Holland lop and thus will weigh 3-4 pounds at adulthood.


“Werewolf”  $350  Rsrvd

Werewolf is a purebred mini plush lop.  The fur color is technically called “heavy harlequin” which means that it’s black, orange, and cream mixed together with a lot of markings.  Gender unknown as of 9-13-22.


“Bat”  $350  Rsrvd for J & L

“Bat” has very interesting markings.  As of Day 5 “Bat” has a black patch on both eyes!!!!!  Gender unknown


“Ladybug”  $350  Rsrvd for SL from PA.

“Ladybug” is a blue-eyed white!!!!  This color looks like a stuffed animal when fully grown.  Gender unknown.


“Cricket”  $350 Rsrvd for HWS from Boston

Cricket is a BEW purebred mini plush lop.  Gender is unknown.


“Spider”  $350  Rsrvd

Spider is a BEW purebred mini plush lop!  Gender is unknown as of 9-13-22.


“Bumblebee”  $350  Rsrvd for A.P.

Bumblebee is a BEW purebred mini plush lop - gender unknown as of 9-20-22.


“Trick”  $350  AVBL

Trick is a purebred mini plush lop.  Gender is unknown as of 9-14-22.   This baby’s mum is Belle who was imported from England for her superior quality.  The fur color for this bunny is probably chestnut which is light inner ears and belly and chestnut fur on the back.  Adult weight approximately 4-5 pounds.


“Treat”  $350  Rsrvd for L.N.

This is one of Belles babies!!!!!!   Belle was imported from England because she has such amazing quality!!!!  Purebred chestnut mini plush lop.  Gender unknown.  Adult weight approximately 4-5 pounds.


“Candy Corn”  $350  Rsrvd for House

This is one of Belles babies!!!!!!   Belle was imported from England because she is such an amazing plushie!!!!  Candy Corn is a purebred mini plush lop.  Gender is unknown.  Candy Corn is probably a chestnut which means chestnut fur on the back with light tummy and inner ears.  Adulthood weight approximately 4-5 pounds.


“Zombie”  $350  Rsrvd for Alice

Zombie is a black Holland lop.  Gender is unknown.  This will be a bunny who is on the smaller side (3-4 pounds maximum).


“Creeper”  $350  Rsrvd for SD

Creeper is an opal Holland lop who will be small 3-4 pounds maximum.  Opal looks like light blue/Heather grey.  Opal has cream fur in the ears and chin and belly.  Gender is unknown as of 9-25-22.


“Boo”  $350  Rsrvd for EG from NY

Boo is a lilac mini plush lop.  Gender is unknown.  This bunny is part of a small litter- they will be 3-4 pounds maximum.


“Dracula”  $350  Rsrvd for Brittney

Dracula is a blue Holland lop.  This litter will be small - 3-4 pounds maximum🐰💜👍🏻


“Frankenstein”  $350  House Res?

Gender is unknown as of 9-17-22.  Frankenstein is a lilac mini plush lop.


Pumpkin  $350  Rsrvd for RD

Pumpkin is an opal mini plush lop.  This bunny will be on the small side (3-4 pounds fully grown).  Opal is an absolutely stunning color- it’s like light blue.

Due to the volume of emails we receive please forgive us if it takes a day or two to respond.  We sometimes have a waitlist so we can only guarantee a bunny once the deposit has been received.  Our friends at “Blue Clover Rabbitry” recently decided to charge a fixed price regardless of color, gender and size.  We’ve given it some thought and this method seems to be the best.  All bunnies (except retiring Mums) will be $350 flat fee.  Deposit is $100 and the $250 remaining balance is due on the day of pick-up.  Email us at LustersLops@mail.com to join waitlist - not gmail😘🐰💜.
If you want to contact Lusters Lops you can email us at “LustersLops@mail.com” or go to our FB page and message us.


Lusters Lops

Breeders Only Read Please

If you are a breeder or plan on being a breeder please let us know.  We will occasionally sell breeding stock, pairs, trios, singletons, proven, Imports, VM and/or clean lines…...  We also are more than happy to answer any questions or just chat with fellow breeders.  If you are someone who is thinking about becoming a breeder, it’s especially important that you let us know because we occasionally mentor people (our mentors were/are amazing).  At the current moment we have three mentees.  If you are an experienced breeder then just please inform us so that we can add you to the Mini Plush Lop Breeder Directory and we will add you to the National show registry (next show is 1/31/23).  Thank You🐰💜. The prices listed here are for pets only.  For breeding contracts please email us at LustersLops@gmail.com.👍🏻


Please email us at LustersLops@gmail.com  😘🐰👍🏻.  Go to Lusters Lops FB page to watch daily videos🐰💜😘.

Boutique Rabbitry near Boston, Massachusetts selling pet, brood and show quality Mini Plush Lops.  Partners/Cousins located in Westwood, MA and New Britain, Ct.  Delivery is free to both of those locations.

Westwood, MA, USA

Thanks for submitting!


List Of Items Needed

Minimum Necessary List
Timothy Hay is very important.  Pellets - boring looking is best.  A water bowl or crock.  A litter box- any type is fine.  Litter- pine equine pellets are best (Tractor Supply Store)
Enclosure- xpen or whatever you want that will provide bunny some space but not too much until she is fully trained.  
Hidey Hole- some sort of wooden or cardboard box/house - just somewhere for bunny to sleep and hide👍🏻
Optional Items
Willow balls as a toy, a foraging mat, grass mats, cat scratch houses - they are soooo cute.
Don’t buy it all at once- in the beginning you just need the necessary items and as you get to know your bunny you can add toys and other fun items.  We will email you a document called “Preparing For Your Bunny”.  Oxbow is safe in general - scented items are dangerous.💕💜🐰

Items We Will Provide
A bag of hay and a bag of pellets so you can transition smoothly, a cardboard travel box which turns into a Hidey Hole, a tunnel, a toy, and a birth certificate and of course, a healthy happy bunny🐰💜👍🏻.


ESA click here

One of the owners suffered from depression and anxiety for many years.  Now she doesn’t need anti-depressants and she thanks the rabbits for that (and some great therapists).  We completely understand the importance of getting the right ESA.  Please tell us (we are very confidential), we will help match you with the calmest most affectionate bunny possible.  If you suffer from PTSD a bunny can be a great pet because they never make loud or unexpected noises.  In the fall of last year we had a gentleman contact us who came back from Iraq and had severe PTSD .  He explained that he wanted a bunny because he was sure there would be no sudden noises.  He also was worried about sudden  movements so we paired him up with a slightly older bunny who was more sedentary.   He regularly sends us photos and updates us and so far things are going very well .  Depression and anxiety are other mental illnesses that can be alleviated by a bunny.  We do “bunny personality tests”, then we determine which bunnies are ESA candidates.  If you feel you need an Emotional Support Animal we can also provide a licensed signed “Letter of Support” and an ADA card explaining your rights.  Depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder are all afflictions that can be more easily managed with a pet rabbit.  There have been many studies proving that animals help ease these emotional afflictions.  In Jan, 2021 we started working with a psychologist who formulated a “5-part ESA bunny test”.  (She actually adopted an ESA from us and she continues to help us be the first bunny breeder in the US with an ESA bunny test.)  For privacy reasons we only videotape the tests on our private FB group.  Once finally established we plan to publish the tests and share our findings (along with the psychologist who helped us).  
ESA is our focus and we are very proud to be the first rabbit breeder in the USA with custom ESAs.  
It’s difficult to explain a custom ESA so I’ll just provide example .  Last winter a NJ woman contacted us - she was depressed because her son was wheelchair-bound after being hit by a drunk driver.  At the time they had no pets.  So we knew we had a daunting task ahead of us.   We had to train a bunny who would be familiar with a wheelchair.  The woman also explained that she works from home and she generally sits on the couch typing on her computer.  Luckily for us in this case we were told that we would be able to choose which bunny was most suitable.  At the time we had two large litters so when the bunnies were about six weeks old and we completed their ESA tests we chose a lilac tort who was very calm and had scored high on her tests.  We spent the next four weeks making sure that at least four times per day we held the bunny while we were on the couch typing.  We don’t have a wheelchair in the house but we do have a chair that has wheels at the bottom.  On a daily basis we sat down with the bunny on our rolling chair and wheeled around the kitchen to make sure that the bunny was comfortable with that sort of movement.   Occasionally we videotaped the training so that the Adopter would feel confident and secure in her choice.  
These are just some examples and it’s very time-consuming which is part of the reason that we only do four breeding cycles per year.   If you’d like to discuss your ESA needs we are more than happy to, please email “LustersLops@gmail.com” for more info (not gmail).  We guarantee your confidentiality.


Some of our Lops

Our baby bunnies are far more than a business to us - they’re family.  In breeding terns we are called “Preservation Breeders” which means that we accept responsibility for every single bunny that is bred in our rabbitry.  None of our bunnies have ever been in Humane Societies or Rescue Facilities.  Any bunny bred by us is welcome to return if necessary.  We breed responsibly and pay special attention to minimizing the known hereditary diseases by having all our parent animals health tested by a certified vet.

Get in Touch


Blu is one of our purebred Mini Plush Lop bucks.  He was born in 2021 right here at Lusters Lops.  He has absolutely amazing fur - very dense and super shiny.  The main reason we kept him was because he is very sweet and very small….  He’s a very energetic little guy and he’s super curious yet he will lay in my lap if the lights are dim.  He gives occasional kisses and he’s quite the “Ladies Man”.🤣


Bonkers is our purebred black silver marten dam.  This bunny could re-breed every month if we let her……She attempts to find her husband when we aren’t not looking😘…Whenever I approach her pen she bends her head down to the ground begging me to pet her….she’s extremely gentle🐰💜.  It’s very hard to photograph dark fur but in real life she is stunning.



Two-Face is our vm harli doe.  She’s an absolutely excellent, protective mother.  She’s always willing to help foster her “sister wives” babies.  We drove 10 1/2 hours to Western Pa to pick her up and she was well worth it.  Her kits are always beautiful.  


Bat-Man is our 1st clean line buck.  He is deep black- his fur feels like velvet.  He is featured in a lot of our FB videos because he free roams the main floor of our house.  It took him about 72 hours to become fully potty trained.  Our only problem with him is that he fully believes he is just another house dog.  When our dog goes for a walk, Batman sits at the front door begging to be walked….they even share a water bowl.  As soon as we wake up Batman comes zipping down the hallway, he flies into the bed and begins licking foreheads🐰💜.  



Cloud is one of Two-Faces sons.  We will be using him as a stud in Summer 2022.  His babies should be curly/wavey harlis and magpies.

Belle - Photo coming soon

Belle is the 1st bunny we have ever had who occasionally sticks out her tongue as we pet her!  She flew over 24 hours to arrive in NY where we picked her up.  We will probably be keeping all of her 2022 kits for a top-secret 🤫 project we are working on with a team of mpl breeders.  This summer we will begin to focus on the project 🤫.



Colt is such a sweetheart.  He loves to be pet, He is the fully trained and he’s got the most amazing fawn coat.


Dig-Dug is a lilac magpie who was born here at Lusters Lops.  


Pong - photo coming soon

Try to guess who Pongs mommy is?????   If you guessed Two-Face then you are correct👍🏻🐰💜.


Zelda was actually the very first BEW that Lusters Lops produced.



Tetris has the most beautiful mixed color fur……Two-Face (of course) is Tetris’ mommy👍🏻.  


Tink is the first Sablepoint ever produced at Lusters Lops.  She was from Bonkers’ first litter which was the very first litter ever born in Ma so she has a special place in our 💜 heart.



Hershey has such a special color.  She was our first tri-color with a white nose👍🏻🐰💜.   That little face is absolutely gorgeous.


Cope Clans Casper is new here and she’s very docile, she will lay on our sons stomach while he watches movies - we have big plans for her in the future.



Berry is our blue Holland Dam from Show Glo lines.

Jay Zee

Jay Zee is one of Two-Faces sons.  He has a gorgeous dense wavey coat of fur and a lovely fun personality.



Galaga was the tiniest baby from Two-Faces first litter.  She’s a lilac magpie and she’s so adorable and photogenic.


Starburst was born here on Valentines Day.  She has the most amazing coat of fur, it’s extremely dense and she is 100% sweet- she bows down to be pet, she enjoys being carried around……We love her a lot😘🐰💜



Fluffer is a very important rabbit to us.  He was one of Batman’s first sons and clearly Batman is one of the most amazing, affectionate bunnies ever.  If you watch the videos on the Lusters Lops FB page you’ll see that Batman is free-roam on the top level of our house. 


Mikayla has such a sweet personality.  She’s a light harli with beautiful dense fur.



Photo coming soon

Chloe - photo coming soon

Lusters Lops “Chloe” is a stunning well marked vm harli.  She only weighs 3.3 pounds which is quite small and she is very sweet and gentle🐰😘.



“Rain” is one of Belles babies.🐰💜😘


Leaf is one of Belles first daughters and she is calm, affectionate and one of the sweetest little buns we’ve ever had🐰💜😘



Coco is one of the sweetest little Holland Lops.  He was born at Lusters Lops and is part of Paisleys original line.  He’s a blue tort purebred Holland Lop from Show Glo lines.


Ollie is our proven broken blue carrying chocolate otter Holland lop.  She came to us from Gloria Waddell and her grandmother has more than 60 legs!!!!!  We look forward to producing brokens, lilacs and chocolate otters from her in Fall 2022.



Bowser is our lilac tort Holland lop dam.  She was born at Lusters Lops and she is one of Berrys daughters.  Berry is from Sho-Glow lines.


Colt is an absolutely stunning cream mini plush lop born right here at Lusters Lops from our first generation.  His fur is extremely dense, his head and crown and ears have great shape and he has a lovely personality 🐰💜👍🏻😘.  Weight was 3.9 pounds at last vet check.


Shining Star

We are borrowing Shining Star got a few months.  He is an import chestnut agouti mini plush lop buck bred by Malvina Lake Plush Lops.  He makes stunning babies, he has amazing type and his body is nice and short.  


Starlet is the first baby of Shining Stars that we kept.  She was born here at Lusters Lops.  She will be our first agouti mini plush lop🐰💜👍🏻😘.



Mug-Man is so wonderful- if you look closely at his ears, we finally are achieved the width and length that we had been working towards👍🏻 and, he’s a lap bunny😘.


North Star will be coming soon all the way from Europe!  He’s a chocolate torted otter and everything I’ve ever wanted😘🐰💜👍🏻.  Thank you Christine 👍🏻


North Star

FINALLY our very first lilac otter will be arrival the way from Europe in October 2022.  This purple color was one of our goals so, this bunny means a lot to us.


Bo is a blue Holland lop- super sweet and very relaxed.👍🏻.



Cuphead is a full import baby!!!!  She’s a blue torte and we are counting down the days until she is old enough to be a Mommy.  Approximately Jan 1, 2023 we will finally get to mate her🐰💜😘👍🏻.


Donatello is our harli vm stud buck.



Reese’s is an integral part of our top secret project.  She was born at Lusters Lops and we are overly ecstatic about her first litter which will be late 2022.


Morticia is the first baby we kept from Ollie.  She is our VERY first broken lilac otter!  She’s a Holland lop and we can expect to breed her in early 2023!



Frankenstein is a Lusters Lops 3rd generation mini plush lop.  We love Frankensteins parents and expect to mate him early 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get 1 bunny or 2?
We have lots of families that have one single bunny and they are thriving.  It is definitely ok to have just one bunny.  There are lots of benefits to singletons.  They don’t need to cover each other’s smells, there is no competition, they get all of their affection from their humans……and it’s the Owners choice whether to spay or neuter.
We also have multiple families with 2 or more bunnies.  It is possible to “bond” rabbits but you need to plan carefully and you’ll probably need to fix at least one of the bunnies and possibly both. If you already have a rabbit, let us know and we will help you pick a bunny who has the highest chance of successfully bonding.  If you don’t have any rabbits and you have your heart set on two, we advise adopting 2 girls who are the same age so that they can grow up together OR, a girl and a boy who are both young (with an agreement to fix the boy at minimum).   We don’t advise adopting two bucks.  At maturity they will scuffle and even if you fix both of them, there’s no guarantee of success.


2022 Annual Mini Plush Lops/Plush Lops USA Show

Congratulations to everyone who placed in the 1st Annual Mini Plush Lops Show.  With more than 100 entries, the competition was strenuous……please don’t forget to enter the secondary $1,000 contest.   You may win the cover of the magazine!!!!!!!   Just pose your bunny with his or her ribbon and/or certificate-then upload the photo in a jpeg file (sample pic above).  It takes less than 60 seconds.  Sample photo is above. If you need any help email us at “LustersLops@mail.com”.🐰💜👍🏻Without the judges none of this would have been possible so, thank you from the bottom of our 💕 hearts. ***  Sample pic for the post magazine contest.


Breeder Referrals

Breeder Directory
******On a daily basis we receive 4-10 emails asking for mpl breeders throughout the world.  It takes us hours each day to put the buyers in contact with the breeders so we thought it would be more “time-efficient” to just make a list of “approved” mpl breeders.   We do not claim any legal responsibility for their rabbits but, these people are well known in the industry for being honest breeders who care about type, overall quality and take great care and pride in their rabbitries.  This is a mpl list only.  If you need a Holland lop please email us because there are just too many Holland Breeders to list.
Alabama -
Alaska -Arizona - Arkansas - California - Connecticut -Delaware -Florida -         Capella Farms. Louisiana - The Cope Clan. Michigan -     Picturesque Plush Lops.

This is a list in progress- if you are a mpl breeder reading this please understand we are working on a list of states and we didn’t forget you intentionally🐰💜😘 As of 7-26-22 we are still just beginning to contact the strong mpl breeders to finalize this list😊. This is a list in progress…

If you don’t live near New England we are happy to point you in the right direction.  There are many great MPL breeders in the US.  For the past two years we have been compiling a list of good MPL breeders…..Once the breeders have given us their permission we will publish the full list.  Additionally, if you need a French lop or a Rex or a Conti or an English Angora or a mini satin rabbit, we have partners worldwide and we are happy to refer you.  Just email us at LustersLops@mail.com and we will find any breed that you want.


Free Roam Bunnies

How To Free Roam

We believe that free-roam is what a bunny deserves.  Why should cats and dogs get free run of the house and not bunnies?  This area is under construction but soon we will add information on how to let your bunny be free and live a long, happy healthy life🐰💜.